Wittgenstein on Vacation

Skjolden, Sogn og Fjordane (NO)

Wittgenstein on Vacation was initiated
by Marianne Bredesen, Sebastian Makonnen
Kjølaas and Siri Hjorth, in collaboration with
KORO (URO), Art in Public Space Norway.

In August 2015 we arranged a holiday for 30 people
to Ludwig Wittgenstein’s cabin in Skjolden, Norway.
Here we did a performance at the ruin of his cabin,
as well as lectures on his life and thoughts. In January
2016 we held a lecture at KORO’s auditorium about
the trip, and our subsequent take on Wittgenstein’s
thoughts. This was part I of Wittgenstein on Vacation,
Austria. The project is ongoing throughout

The project presentes a series of works based
on our own interpretations of a number of
notorious thinkers – seeking to solve the great
philosophical problem of our age – if we happen
to find it laying around. We take language as some
kind of fundamental reality, problematize death
as an inevitable disaster, and extend our middle
finger to those dark forces in the universe that is
the cause of all human problems, namely nothingness.
In other words, Kjølaas, Bredesen and Hjorth battle
that critical philosophical paradox, which is exactly
the reason why, we wonder why, we do the things
we do.